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Ada Tree

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Island Creek Walk

Distance: 3kms

Time: 40 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Ada tree Loop via Island Creek Walk

Distance: 3.3km

Time: 1hr

Difficulty: Easy

Ada Tree incl. New Federal Mill Loop (in the same area, will complete next time and update)




Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: Yes - but I would stick to the vehicle management track.

Pet Friendly: Yes

I’ve done this walk a couple of times now but with a couple of years in between. A very simple and short walk but very enjoyable. One that would be perfect to take smaller children on.

Getting there: We headed to Noojee, passing through Neerim South but instead of turning off to Noojee head towards Yarra Junction. You will come across a sign for Ada Tree pointing you right onto a dirt road. Its 24km from the turn off but the 24km feels like a good half an hour before you reach the car park as it is slow and windy in places so please drive safe. You will need to look out for signs as you need to turn a couple of times. (Also there is a pin on the MAP page above).

You start your walk from the car park, we started where the sign for the ‘Island Creek Walk’ is. Follow the track as you weave in and out from beautiful rainforest to some huge mountain ash. Along the path you will come across heaps of signs describing things you see along the way, some small boardwalks and a couple of bridges.

After about 20mins of walking you come across the magnificent Ada Tree. It stands at around 75 metres tall and is around 300 – 400 years old.

After this you can choose to head back on the same track or continue on the board walk. If you chose to continue on, you walk along the boardwalk for a few more minutes and come to an intersection. Left will take you back to the car park & right will take you on the New Federal Mill Loop.

We just went back to the car park at this point, but we will have to come back and do the New Federal Mill loop. As you head back to the car park you walk on a vehicle management track which is not as nice as the beautiful rainforest you just walked through, it took us about 20 mins. You come out at the car park directly opposite from where you started your walk.

It’s a beautiful little walk to an incredible tree. When I did this walk a couple of years back and we saw 6 snakes along the way so I would just urge anyone to be careful and always be on the lookout. Also, on this walk you come across another walking trail which is called ‘Walk into History’ which stretches from Warburton to Powelltown or vice versa, you also come across it as you turn onto the dirt road to the Ada tree. It is 51.2km in total length, definitely one I want to check out.

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