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Agnes Falls

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 680 metres

Time: 15 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

I’ve done this walk a few times and its always just as special every time I visit. Little piece of information - it is the highest single span waterfall in Victoria, which is very cool.

Getting there: You can find this walk on google maps if you search for Agnes Falls and pinned on my map page above. You can access the falls from either Welshpool or Toora, there are 3 different ways you can get there. There are also plenty of road signs to help you find it.

Once you arrive you have a wonderful picnic area and a gazebo which overlooks the river. Plenty of picnic tables scattered around and one right next to the river which is a beautiful spot.

So you have 2 options on how you get to the waterfall, there is a sign to show you the different options. You can walk towards the river, there is a path that takes you on a short walk beside the river or you can use the more direct track which is in front of the car park and where the sign is.

As you walk down you come across a sign with some information about the Agnes Falls Water Diversion Weir and some of the history behind it. It’s only a short 5-minute walk to get to the falls.

As you get to the end of the walk way you see the amazing waterfall. There are 2 lookout platforms one that looks out directly onto the waterfall and the other looks out towards the surrounding hills and you can even see some of the wind turbines.

This would be a perfect place for a family day out. The walk is not overly big so a great one for kids and its just in an amazing place to be.

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