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Albert River Falls

Time: 1 hour & 30 minutes - this is the total amount of time we spent here trying to work out where to go.

Difficulty: Moderate / Hard – tracks not well defined, some were very slippery & muddy.

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

I found these waterfalls in a brochure of Strzelecki Waterfalls, I have to say I love that I found this brochure. To say these were a surprise was an understatement, they are amazing! I can’t wait to get back and explore again.

Getting there: Located off Albert Creek Road in Grand Ridge, turning onto Shiers Track and the walk starts at the end of this track. It will be on the MAP page. I would suggest a 4wd to get here because once you turn off Albert Creek Road it gets a little skinny.

We didn’t really know what to expect of the area but to our surprise there were a few waterfall signs and a barrier to start the walk. Once you park your car the walk starts off to the left (facing as you drive in). Once you find the path you will also see a barrier with a waterfall sign on it, this is the start of your walk.

As you continue on, the path isn’t all that well defined but there is still a path. You will also see some coloured ties on trees, this is something you need to look out for along the walk. You will reach a second barrier and continue on your walk.

Not long after the second barrier you will reach an intersection. There are 2 waterfall signs on the trees – I believe (but not sure) the sign & path straight ahead will take you to the lower falls and the path down to your left takes you to the upper & middle falls. We tried to reach the lower falls but couldn’t quite make out a path, so we plan to return and try again. We did however try the path to the left which took us down to 2 stunning waterfalls and the path wasn’t too bad.

The track is not bad at all and has some tape along the way, which is very helpful. You will then come to another intersection – the track straight takes you to the upper falls and the track to your right takes you to the middle falls. We continued on straight first and came back to do the middle falls.

Upper Falls

Take the track straight ahead and it will take you down to the river. You will see another one of those awesome waterfall signs as you get closer to the river too. As you make your way down it does get a little steep and muddy in some sections and I did slip down (not unusual though). Just make sure you take your time to get down there. Once you make it to the river you are treated to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush ferns and a pool of water.

Middle Falls

This waterfall is spectacular and a lot bigger than the upper falls. This track is still pretty clear but there are no coloured ties along this section. It is a very different track as your walking quite high up and descend into the gully where you reach the creek, you can also spot these waterfalls from the track. It didn’t seem as slippery as the other track and a little easier to get to. Although when you reach flat ground there is only a faint track to the base of the falls but its not far from the track and not hard to find.

I absolutely loved everything about this walk and is up there as one of my favourite waterfalls around Gippsland. The walk was a lot of fun and the waterfalls are nothing short of spectacular. If you’re wanting a little adventure, then I would suggest this walk.

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