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George Bass Coastal Walk

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 14km return

Time: 4 hrs 30 mins

Difficulty: Moderate

Toilets: No - but there are some close by at Kilcunda

Pram Friendly: Yes – some parts of the track

Pet Friendly: Yes

This walk has been on my to-do list for a very long time and I’m so glad I finally got to do it. The views you get the whole way along are nothing short of spectacular, you have views of the rugged coastline and on the other side you have views of beautiful rolling hills.

You can start this walk at either Kilcunda or a place called Punchbowl (which is 4kms from San Remo). We started at the Kilcunda end as we wanted lunch at the pub afterwards. My plans initially were to walk from Punchbowl to Kilcunda, have lunch, then walk back but I’m so very glad I listened to my husband because after that big lunch I didn’t want to move again. There are all different ways you can do this walk – you could car shuffle if you didn’t want to walk the whole way, you could just do a small part of it or you could walk up and back like we did.

Look for this structure - the walk starts from here!!

There isn’t much to this walk, it’s fairly straight forward. The only problem we had was finding the start of the track after that it was very simple. It’s an extremely well-maintained track. There are plenty of signs along the way, signs to tell you how far away you are and there are also orange arrows, so look out for both.

For some reason I was expecting a fairly flat walk but I was very wrong. There are many hills along the way some big and some not so big but ill tell you what we were buggered by the end!

This was a big hill

The only place we kind of lost the track was when we started walking onto the beach, you will walk along an inlet and across the beach. You meet up with the track again as you head up the dunes on the other side, the trail is between the yellow and red signs. The beaches you get to walk along are stunning and check out some of the rock formations, the colours in the rocks are incredible.

About 20 mins into our walk we came across a Steam Driven Winch, which was used in the Kilcunda coal mines 1920 – 1959. I always love a bit of history along the way!

Also if you’re doing this walk In the winter, keep an eye out to the ocean, you may be lucky enough to see some whales. Near the Punchbowl end there is a lookout platform which would be the perfect place to spot the whales and was a lovely break spot for us. Down near this end is also a giant pink house up on the hill, which looks pretty impressive.

It was a fantastic walk to do, the views are breath taking, you'll never be bored! We also had a fantastic lunch at the Ocean View Hotel and probably the quickest meal ever to come out.

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