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Baw Baw - Poverty Point Bridge

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Distance: 8km - uneven surfaces and a big 600m hill (if you choose to take that path)

Time: 2.5 hrs

Difficulty: Moderate

Toilets: No - but there are public toilets at Walhalla

Pram Friendly: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

This walk is beautiful and has become one of my absolute favourites. Another beautiful part of Walhalla that is a little more hidden but a great adventure if your willing to walk to it.

Getting there: The walk starts at the Walhalla Goldfields Railway Thompson Station, Walhalla Road Bridge, which is only 4 minutes from Walhalla Town Centre. You can park just before you reach the bridge to the left on Old Depot Rd, it doesn't particularly look like a parking but there were cars parked under the bridge, so we parked there. If your wanting to google map it type in 'Walhalla road bridge'.

A litte bit about the 2 ways you can go

As you can see from the map above, there are walking tracks on either side of the river. Which means you have a few options on how you can walk it. Personally i like to do it as a loop but you can go up and back the same track if you wish. You can even walk from the Walhalla Town Centre if you wish. You can access both tracks via the bridges.

Once your parked at the bridge you have 2 options on how to start the walk:

Option 1: Walk up the 4wd track along Old Depot Rd for about 500 metres and you will come across the walking track to your right, you will walk through a gate and find a sign for the walk. Follow the track along until you reach the bridge, you can either walk back the same path or cross the bridge and follow the track on the other side.

Option 2: Walk across the bridge on the main road, just be mindful of cars crossing the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will find the Mormon Town Track to your left and you will be faced with a 600 metre giant hill. Walk up the hill until you come across an intersection for the Australian Alps Walking Track which has signs, left will take you to Poverty Point Bridge and right will take you into Walhalla. Follow the track along until you reach the bridge. You can either walk back the same path or cross the bridge and follow the track on the other side.

It took us about 1 hr and 15 mins to reach the Bridge. There are some information signs and a plaque that gives you a little more information about the bridge. The bridge is an amazing sight and the history behind it is great to learn about. Once your in the middle of the bridge you get some spectacular views of the Thompson River and the Mountains on either side.

Neither of the tracks are hard, the only thing hard about this walk is the giant hill but if you don't wish to climb up or down it just stick to the west side of the river (Option 1 - the track that's further away from Walhalla).

I love this walk, its definitely one of my favourites.

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