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Walhalla Town Centre

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

The town of Walhalla has always been a favourite of mine, the walks here are not big or hard but it’s a really lovely day out and it’s a beautiful place. We went up there recently for the morning and did a couple of walks around the centre of town, but you could spend the whole day there. You can explore the long tunnel mine, look in the old lolly shop or walk up to the old cemetery (which is actually very cool). It is also where the Australian Alps Track starts from which finishes in Canberra, 650km long.

Cricket Ground

Distance: 2km

Time: 20 mins – to the cricket ground & 50 mins – to complete

Difficulty - Moderate

To find this walk you will need to drive straight through the centre of town and the walk will be to your right. It’s starts on the side of the road and only a very small sign. So, you will have to either park in town and walk to it or we parked at the bottom of the long tunnel mine entrance and walked from there.

This walk is very simple its just uphill and downhill, the only reason I put moderate is because it is uphill the whole way and quite steep in some parts. There’s not a whole lot to see on this walk but the history behind it is very interesting and quite cool to imagine.

Apparently, back in the day there was a game played there by the locals against the Melbourne cricket team. The locals camped there the night before so when the Melbourne team arrived in the morning they had a long trek ahead of them and were buggered before the game had even begun. The locals on the other hand were well rested.

Lodge Walk

Difficulty: Easy - with some hills and stairs

There are a few places you can start this walk from we started it from the gazebo near the star hotel, you can also start it down near the general store. This walk follows the old tramway line and gives you some awesome views of the town.

The great thing about this walk is you can make it whatever you want, you can make it short or long. It is also where the Alps walking track starts, so you can walk from the centre of town to poverty point bridge or even Canberra if your keen. You can also walk back towards the long tunnel mine and further past the mine if you like, but we turned back.

Its a very pretty walk and one everyone should do whilst visiting Walhalla. There's plenty of history along the way, with lots of old mining machinery to see.

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