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Billys Creek Weir, Morwell National Park

Updated: Apr 7, 2019


Time: 40 mins one way

Difficulty: Moderate


Pram Friendly:

Pet Friendly:

This particular day I wanted to go out to the Prom, but it was Sunday when we had the horrible winds. So, we decided on going to the Morwell National Park instead, as it is just 20mins from Traralgon. There are 2 different parts of the Morwell National Park and they are a bit of a drive from each other. There is the Billy’s Creek area and then the other section has the Fosters Gully Nature walk & Stringybark Ridge Walk. Today we did part of The Grand Strzelecki Trail, which joins Morwell National Park with Tarra Bulga National Park.

Getting there: There are signs on the freeway and they will lead you the right direction. If you drive to Churchill and keep heading straight through on Monash way, not long after you will see a sign, turning you left. Turn down Junction Road, follow that road and you will come across your destination. There is an old picnic area on your right and your destination will be just after that on your left. You will have to keep a look out for it as its very easy to miss as there are no signs from the road indicating that it’s there, I even drove past it this time. If you start going up a hill you have gone too far.

At the start of this walk there is some great information available. There is the big sign about the Grand Strzelecki Trail, with several maps on it. There is also a laminated sheet with some great tips on where you can stay along the way, its great to have that sort of information available.

To be honest, I didn't expect too much from this walk but not long after starting it definitely proves you wrong. The trail is very wide and well maintained, you are treated to beautiful views of the creek, all the way to the weir. Along the walk you will see several trails leading off the main track, by the look of the map they don't really lead to anything, most of them are well signed and there are also signs pointing you in the direction of the weir. Its a pretty easy walk, mostly nice and flat but there are a few short steep hills. About 10 minutes into the walk mum spotted a couple of kangaroos, we must have made a noise because all of a sudden there were about 15 of them jumping away from us. In the year I've been hiking I've never seen anything like it before. As we kept going along we still found more looking at us, it was pretty cool.

It took us 40mins to walk to the Weir, which is a lovely little picnic area and has some interesting information. Did you know? This weir used to supply water to the town of Morwell and was built in 1913. Unfortunately the sign has been damaged from the elements and is quite hard to read.

We decided to walk a little further and see what was ahead. We didn't get too much further along before we had to turn back. We came across 4 river crossings, so if your planning on walking past the weir make sure your wearing suitable waterproof footwear. Mum was wearing normal sneakers and they were starting to get a little wet.

This walk has some really pretty scenery, from the river to the huge hills and the beautiful vegetation. I will definitely be doing this walk again and would like to make it to the Billy's creek falls one time - which looks to be about 12km one way. Such a cool place and right in our backyard!!

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