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Blue Rock Lake Circuit, Willow Grove

Distance: 3.5km - return

Time: 45 minutes – Loop

Difficulty: Easy - Well-formed gravel track. Some hills.

Toilets: Yes – at blue rock swimming area & at the football club (along the way)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Pram Friendly: Yes

This is a beautiful walk to do, with some stunning views along the way. A great one to do on a warm summers evening because you can incorporate a swim after your walk and fantastic for kids.

Getting there: You want to park at the Blue Rock Lake picnic area. If you're coming from the Moe direction, drive to Willow Grove and right through the town, there will be a sign to point you right, follow that down and you will come to the picnic and swimming area. Otherwise you can use google, if you type in ‘blue rock picnic area’ or again it's marked on my map.

The walk starts and finishes from the picnic area, so you can choose which way you want to start it. You can start your walk at either of these:

1. There is a track that runs parallel with the road to the picnic area. If you start this way your taken up the hill, through town and back past the lake.

Look out for these direction bollards along the way

2. You can walk next to the lake. To find this track – as you drive down the hill towards the lake turn right and keep driving until the end of the parking lot. From here you will be able to see the track that follows the lake. If you start this way you will walk next to the lake, up a hill into town and then back down alongside the road back into the blue rock car park.

This is a lovely walk which takes you through the town of Willow Grove & alongside the lake. The path is gravel and well made, great for anything with wheels. There are plenty of signs to help you navigate and point you in the right direction. There are heaps of seats along the way and some with some magnificent views over the lake and you might get to see some curious alpacas too.

As you walk through the town you will see some bollards which have been painted, some by school kids and some by artists. They all look amazing and add some colour along the walk.

I always save the lake part of the walk until last, as its my favourite. As you walk along the gravel path beside the lake you are never short of a view. Whether it be of the lake itself or the mountains in the distance. There are also signs scattered along this section with information about the different types of animals that inhabit the area and information about their habitats.

Along the lake path you will find a blue box on a tree, this is a street library, where books can be borrowed and returned. The seat right near is in honour of Arthur Mether who was very prominent member of the Willow Grove community and the street library was constructed by one of his grandchildren. So, if you feel like relaxing in this wonderful spot, feel free to borrow a book. What a wonderful idea!

This is a great walk and one you can take the whole family on, we did the lake section with our nephew on his bike. You could even take a picnic along to have after or even dine in at the Duck Inn which does a great meal.

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