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Cabbage Tree Palms Walk

Distance: 1km - return

Time: 15 minutes - return

Difficulty: Easy

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: Yes – beware of some tree roots along the track

Dog Friendly: Yes – on leads

A small walk but a very cool little place to explore. This area is home to the only native palm in Victoria, so it’s a pretty special place.

Getting there: Located about 25 mins from Orbost and 17 mins from Cabbage Tree Creek. You will find signs on the Princes Highway pointing you in the right direction. If you want to google map it you want to enter Cabbage Tree Creek Flora Reserve, it will also be on our MAP page. The road to get there is about 5km off the highway and is all dirt but will be accessible for any vehicle. Once you turn off the highway there’s no need to make any other turns, you will come across signs for the walk.

From the parking area you have an information sign to tell you a little more about the Cabbage Fan-Palm and the animals that inhabit that area. There are also 3 picnic tables here if you wish to sit and enjoy.

You will find the start of your walk on the other side of the picnic area, there is a sign to point you in the right direction to get you started.

Its not far into the walk before you see the beautiful palms that tower high above you. You also find the Cabbage Tree Creek a couple of times along the walk and a couple of seats along the way if you wish to sit and enjoy your surroundings.

At the end of the loop you will come out at the road and you want to turn left back towards the car park but make sure you watch for cars as you exit the path.

For such a small walk I enjoyed this a lot. I loved seeing all the palms, it was almost like you were in another world.

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