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Den of Nargun, Mitchell River National Park

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 5 km loop

Time: 1 Hour 25 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: You can walk to the Bluff Lookout

Pet Friendly: No

This is a walk I have never done before, so I had no idea what to expect. Happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised, it was such an amazing walk. Everything you want in a walk, some history and lots of different sights to see.

As you start on the walk you descend down a slight hill on a paved pathway (Note: it doesn’t seem so slight on the way back). You will come to a junction where you can go straight to the Den of Nargun and to your right the sign says to the Bluff Lookout. We went straight as we went there specifically to walk to the Den of Nargun, but you can go either way as it is a loop walk (but we didn’t know this in the beginning). Not long after you then reach the real descent down the hill and its very steep and rocky, just make sure your careful and watch your step. It doesn’t take long before you’re at the Den of Nargun, it took about 20mins to get there. There is a sign before you get there to explain what the history of the place is, which we found very interesting.

The den or cave is amazing, it’s such a pretty place and so very different to anything I’ve seen in Gippsland before. Just be careful when walking down to the swimming hole as it is very rocky. The sign states to be respectful of the area as its very culturally significant to the traditional owners the Gunaikurnai people.

As we wander back to where we came down from there is a sign saying you can walk a different way back to the car park which is via the Mitchell River which takes approx. 40mins, we decided on going this way. So glad we did, you get to see so much more of this beautiful area. After about 10mins of starting this part of the walk you come across a sign for river access and a little camp area, it’s a beautiful little spot to camp and in the warmer months would be lovely for a swim.

As you start back on the trail you come across another sacred place for the GunaiKurnai people, the Deadcock Den. Not as cool as the Den of Nargun but still a very pretty place.

After the Deadcock Den you start your climb back up the hill and I have to say its quite long and steep. Most of it is a paved pathway, which makes the climb a little easier. As you get to the top you come across a lookout over the river and surrounding mountains. You can also see the path you were just on, it’s a very beautiful view and a nice break spot after climbing up the hill. From this point it’s about 15 mins back to the car park.

With this walk you can also make it a lot longer, half way through this walk you will come across a sign that tells you Billy Goat Bend is 3 hrs away and Angusvale is 9 hrs. That is definitely on this list of walks to do!!


Make sure you wear suitable shoes with good grip for this walk, especially if it’s wet.

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