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Kitty Miller Bay, S.S Speke Shipwreck, Phillip Island

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 2km

Time: 35 mins

Diffculty: Easy / Moderate

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: No

** Note – this walk is best done at low tide. **!/vic-san-remo

This walk had to be my favourite of the days adventure on Phillip Island, it was a fun walk with the shipwreck to see at the end.

Getting there: You can find it on google if you search, Kitty Miller Bay Car Park. If your coming onto the Island head towards Phillip Island and turn off at Back Beach road, towards the Grand Prix Track. Follow that for a little bit, you will need to turn left onto Kitty Millers Bay Road. There are no signs just a normal road sign so you will have to keep an eye out, as we went past it. Its only an 11 minute drive from Cowes.

Once you walk over the small stairs onto the beach you want to turn left. In the beginning it doesn’t look like there is any track at all but it turns out there is a track, and it’s actually quite close to the start. We only saw it when we started walking along the rocks. So, you can choose to walk along the track or you could follow the rocks around, my husband took the rocky path and found it quite difficult.

The track is to the left and is located at the foot of the sand dunes. Its only small but it is quite well-worn in. It takes you up a short steep hill to take you on top of the cliffs, you get some beautiful views over the bays and rocky shores. Its only a few minutes’ walk until the track goes downhill again to the shipwreck. This downhill section is quite steep so just be careful going down.

When you get to the bottom of the hill you will see the very small parts of what is left of the S.S Speke. It’s interesting to see things like this and try to imagine what it was once like when it was whole. Its amazing that there’s still that much left after 112 years.

A little information I found on the internet – The S.S Speke was a 3 masted steel ship that was built in Wales in 1891, weighing 2876 tons and 93 metres in length. It drifted onto a reef in February 1906 while en route from Peru to pick up a cargo of wheat.

I loved this walk, the landscape, the beautiful beach and the history behind it. The only unfortunate thing is the sign at the shipwreck that’s meant to have information about the shipwreck has all disappeared with time and weather.

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