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Lawson Falls, Bunyip State Park

Updated: May 22, 2019

Distance: 4.9km Circuit

Time: 1 hr 30 mins - Return

Difficulty: Moderate - If you do the full circuit expect to walk up some hills.

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: No

I only found out about this walk a couple of weeks ago, so I did a bit of a road trip across the Baw Baw shire to a few cool places and this was one on the list. Its an awesome walk, so enjoyable and so beautiful, It really surprised me and has become one of my favourite walks.

Getting there: Head to Labertouche and turn right down Forest Road, all the way until it reaches a gravel road. As you hit the gravel road you will see signs for Bunyip State Forest. Its about a 15 minute drive on the gravel road until you reach the Lawson Falls Picnic Ground, turn off to your left.

I have written this blog as you would do the walk just from following the signs but i have also added how you can do it in reverse. See my notes for the Discovery Circuit at the end, personally i prefer to do it in reverse if i'm doing the whole circuit.

The walk starts from the Lawson Falls Picnic Ground. If you walk through the picnic area, you will find a sign with ‘Lawson / Discovery Circuit – 4.9km 2hrs Return’. The walk starts up the steps, you want to turn left onto Tee tree rd to get started. You only need to walk on the road for a couple of minutes, before finding your next sign, to your right.

Once you turn off the road the walk really starts as the track gets smaller and you walk into the bush. This part of the walk is my favourite you have the beautiful lush ferns and some so big they tower above. You have a little creek that runs beside the track, with crystal clear water. As you wander along you can hear the running water and birds singing, it really is beautiful. You also come across some cute little seats along this section that someone has carved out of wood.

There are a few undulating hills along this section but its not terribly hard. You reach a bridge and will climb a hill just before you reach the sign for Lawson Falls. Here you will turn left to go downhill towards the falls. It took me about half an hour to reach the falls. The track down to the falls is only a short few minute walk but it is fairly steep, there are some steps to help you along the way.

These falls are nothing short of amazing, my photos don’t do it justice. I honestly didn’t know much about it before I started this walk but I was blown away once I saw them, I could have sat there all day. Even now after doing it a few times i still love them.

Once you stop admiring the falls and head back up. You have 2 options – you can go back the way you came which would be a shorter walk and would take you only about another half hour to complete or you can finish the circuit and turn left. I wanted to see the whole circuit so i went left, from here you start to climb up. Not long after starting on this part of the walk you will come across another road, there are signs to point you in the right direction. Again, you only walk on the road for a couple of minutes before finding another sign and the track again, to your left.

As you start on the Discovery Track it goes uphill for a little while, until you reach a steel seat. This part of the track is also a little more rugged, there were lots of trees over the track you had to manoeuvre around. In saying this the big tree that is across the track now has a track around it so it is a little easier. Its not as lush as the previous track more sparse bush. You will come across a seat from then the track turns to the left, from here its all downhill and is steep, by the end my knees were very sore.

You walk along the discovery track for about 30 mins before you reach a road again, here you want to turn left. You will find a sign on the road pointing you in the direction of the Picnic Ground. At this point I had no idea where I was until I finally came across the very first sign, I saw when I turned off the road to start the walk. From here follow the road back and you find the stairs you first came up on to your right.

The track you will come out of

Notes - Discovery Circuit: To do the circuit in reverse - once you've made it up the stairs and found the sign to your right, don't turn off and keep following the dirt road. You will then reach another sign to your right which is the 'Discovery Walking Track' (seen in one of the above pictures). This will take you up a big hill that looks like a 4wd track, it may feel like it goes for a while but it does end i promise. As soon as you reach a steel chair it is all down hill from there. Personally i much prefer to climb up than go down hill, i find it easier on the knees. The only other thing you need to know about doing it in reverse is you will come out on another road but there is no sign telling you which way you need to go, you need to turn right. Walk along the road and you will come across another sign, to your right, this will take you back onto the track.

This is a wonderful walk and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It also has a wonderful picnic area with a little area that lets you access the creek with a cute man-made bridge, a couple of walkways and a few streams of water.

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