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Little River Falls

Distance: 800 metres - return

Time: 20 mins - return

Difficulty: Easy

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: You could do it with a pram but only if you’re willing to carry it down a couple of steps

Pet Friendly: No

I had seen a few photos of these falls and couldn’t wait to take a trip to see them. They certainly didn’t disappoint. Its a small easy walk to a spectacular waterfall.

Getting there: Leaving from Buchan towards McKillops Bridge - head up Gelantipy Rd and then turn right onto McKillops Rd (towards McKillops Bridge). You will see a sign as you turn off telling you the falls are only 9km down Mckillops Rd. The road is dirt but a 2wd can get there without a problem. If you are stuck, you can google ‘Little River Falls’ and google maps will direct you right there.

When you arrive at the picnic area you will see a sign and a few picnic tables, it would be the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. There are also some small falls right at the picnic area, so if you didn’t want to do the walk to the bigger falls you still have something to look at.

To start the walk you will need to walk back along the road and across the bridge. Once you cross the bridge you will see another sign and a path to your left.

From here it’s only a short walk down to the falls and the path is very easy with only a few steps along the way. On the way back it is slightly uphill but not terribly hard.

After about 5-10 mins of walking you reach a lookout barrier and a sign. From here you can see the upper falls and the massive drop of the main waterfall, it is an amazing sight. The main drop is a huge 31 metres and is part of the great gorge, which you can see better from the Little River Gorge Lookout, just up the road.

Upper Falls

Once you're finished head back along the same path and back to the picnic area. Its not much of a walk but it sure is a beautiful sight to see. One of the biggest waterfalls I've seen in Gippsland. Definitely worth a trip up here, you wont be disappointed!

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