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Little River Gorge

Distance: 800 metres

Time: 30 mins

Difficulty: Moderate

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: Yes

Pet Friendly: No

Want to experience the biggest gorge in Victoria? Then look no further than the Little River Gorge, right here in East Gippsland.

Getting there: Leaving from Buchan towards McKillops Bridge - head up Gelantipy Rd and then turn right onto McKillops Rd (towards McKillops Bridge) the turn off for the gorge is only 11km down Mckillops Rd – just 2km further on from Little River Falls. The road is dirt but a 2wd can get there without a problem. If you are stuck, you can google ‘Little River Gorge' and google maps will direct you right there.

Once you reach the car park there is a picnic table and you will find a sign indicating the start of the walk.

The walk is very simple and it’s almost a straight path, up and down the hill. On the way down it doesn't feel like such a big hill but on the way back up you definitely feel it. It only took us 10 mins to get to the lookout platform.

Once you walk onto the platform and look out into the gorge – it’s so surprising at how big it really is. Its amazing and nothing I’ve ever seen in Gippsland before. You could spend ages here just taking it all in. The photos definitely don’t do it justice.

The Little River Gorge is deepest gorge in Victoria. It has taken million of years for the Little River to create it by eroding away hundreds of metres of rock. The gorge is 4km long and up to 500 metres deep. It’s such an amazing sight and if you look deep into the gorge you can see a few waterfalls down below. There is a sign there with plenty of great information and you can read a little more in depth about how it was formed.

A wonderful place to visit, one I hope to get back to one day soon.

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