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Moon Hill Walk, Buchan Caves Reserve – Short

Distance: 1km return

Time: 20 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Toilets: Not at the walk but toilets aren’t far away near the visitors centre.

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: No

This walk is situated in the Buchan Caves Reserve. It’s a wonderful place for a day out, there’s so much to do and see. You have the choice of seeing the amazing caves or doing a few walks or even just relaxing and having a picnic lunch. I’ve done this walk a couple of times now, it’s a small walk but there’s a couple of cool things to see along the way.

Getting there: You want to head to Buchan and the walk is in the Buchan Caves Reserve. As you start your drive into the reserve you will cross a bridge and will see some picnic tables to your left, that's where you want to park. The walk is quite hard to see from the road but once you park at the picnic tables you should see the walk across the road.

As you start up the hill you will come across an intersection – left takes you up the hill to the top of the walk and straight takes you to the Moon cave. We started up the hill first because I always like to leave the best for last.

As you continue up the hill you will come across what they call the Devils Punchbowl which is a large collapsed cave system that has left a massive hole.

From here the top of the hill is not a far walk up. When you get to the top there’s a sign telling you about fault lines and if you look at the hill adjacent you can clearly see where the fault line is. Which is quite interesting especially when it happened around 380 million years ago. Also, from here you can follow the Northern Arm track (following the orange markers) which takes you back to the campground, this will take you an additional 30 mins.

As you wander back down the hill and come across the same intersection turn left towards the cave. The path will lead you right to the entrance, you can wander in there and have a look around. Its pretty cool and you can go a little way down into it. I would suggest taking a torch so you can see a little better.

This is a wonderful little walk. It would be a great walk to take the kids on as it’s not too hard and with the additions of the Moon cave and the Devils Punchbowl I’m sure there’s something the kids will enjoy looking at. As a bonus we came across several wallabies along the walk.

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