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Morwell River Falls

Time: 35 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate – some small hills, uneven & slippery surfaces

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

A wonderful place for a little adventure and only about a 50-minute drive from Traralgon, Morwell & Moe, it’s a great place to explore that is close by for anyone in the Latrobe region. It is definitely worth a visit, two beautiful waterfalls and a walk along the Morwell River lined with lush ferns.

Getting there: There are a couple of different ways you can go to get here. I travelled along the Morwell River Road and you will see a blue sign below the street sign directing you to Morwell River Falls. Best way to find it, if your unsure, is to google map it. You want to search for Morwell River Falls Reserve and it should be able to direct you there. There is not much phone reception along the way once you are on Morwell River Road, but it’s all straight from there until you come across the gate and information sign. The road is suitable for any vehicle, but it is gravel for most of the way along Morwell River Road. Be sure to be on the lookout for the gate and information sign as you could possibly drive past it.

Once you walk through the gate you will notice an information sign with a little bit of information about the walk.

As you continue on your walk you will then come to a picnic table and another information sign with more information on it. It gives you a map and even has pictures of what the reserve looked like back in 1937, which I think its really cool. On the map it shows more walking tracks on the other side of the river, you can see tracks over there but I have not tried to find these ones yet.

From the picnic area you have 2 paths you can take. One path gives you access to the top of the biggest waterfall and the other path takes you to the base of all 2 waterfalls. I highly recommended taking all the paths as you always get a different view.

Top Falls Walking Track (to the left)

This track takes you to the top of the biggest waterfall. The track is quite steep down and has quite a few stairs but it is only a short 2-minute walk to the bottom. Once at the rivers edge you have beautiful views down the river and a chance to stand on top of the massive waterfall.

Bottom Falls Walking Track

This track is a little longer and takes you to the base of both waterfalls. There is a white post with ‘falls’ on it and that’s the one you want to follow.

From here you're taken downhill and not long into the walk you will come across a seat and two paths. The path to your right takes you down to the lower falls and the path to your left takes you to the upper falls.

Lower Falls

This is the track to your right. It is a short downhill walk to the river, along this section there was a tree over the track which made things interesting but its easy to spot the track as it is well defined. Once you reach the river - if you walk right it will give you a good view of the lower falls (this path doesn't go anywhere) and left will take you up a little closer to the lower falls. From here you can head back along the same path and get back on the main track to the upper falls but this time we made our way along the river to the upper falls. There is a track but it isn't very clear, its a bit of fun to explore.

Lower Falls

Lower Falls - Up Close

Upper Falls

This is the track to your left. The track itself is really good and as you get closer to the river you have some wooden stairs to help you down. As you start along this track you get some glimpses of the top of the middle falls which looks pretty cool from high up. Again its only a short walk before you make it to the impressive waterfall.

I have lived in the Valley my whole life I never knew this place existed until about 3 years ago. This is a fantastic place to visit with so much to see in one small place. It would be a great adventure with kids as you don't have to walk too far before you reach the waterfalls and there are so many options.

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