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Mount Worth State Park

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Trevorrow's Mill

1. Giants Circuit

Distance: 1.8km

Time: 40 mins

Difficulty: Easy

2. Moonlight Circuit

Distance: 8.5km

Time: 3hrs

Difficulty: Hard - Climbing the hills of the Moonlight Divide & Link Tracks are long & steep.

3. Gardiners Mill Track

Distance: 3km

Time: 1 hr 15 mins

Difficulty: Moderate

4. Maslins Mill Track

Distance: 800 metres

Time: 30 mins

Difficulty: Easy

5. Waterfall Bower Circuit

Distance: 7.2km

Time: 2 hrs 30 mins

Difficulty: Hard - some steep & muddy sections

6. The Mount Worth Tour – Made up by us, fantastic if you want to see almost everything! (highlighted in green on my map)

Distance: 9km approx.

Time: 3 hrs 15 mins

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: Yes – with flushing water!

Pet Friendly: No

Pram Friendly: Yes – Maslin’s Mill Track

I have been here several times now and have completed a different track every time, I have finally travelled on every track in the park (apart from those that take you out of the park to roads). The best thing about this park is there are plenty of options for different walks ranging from short to long, flat to steep and there are 3 different waterfalls throughout. One thing I will point out is, even though your climbing a mountain you don’t really get the normal ‘top of the mountain views’ because that’s what I was expecting the first time I did it and was slightly disappointed. In saying that although you don’t get those typical mountain views you still get some cool sights along the way and is a very enjoyable walk.

Getting there: We take the route up the back of Yarragon, takes us about 40 mins from Moe. Turn off at Hazeldean road & then left onto Darnum-Allambee road and follow the signs to Mount Worth. I have also seen signs for Mount Worth from Drouin & Leongatha areas. There seems to be many ways to get there, but again google will help and it will be on my MAP page above.

As you drive into the car park, there are 2 different starting points, one to the left and to the right.

The track to the left: gives you access to the Giants Circuit, Gardiner’s Mill, Trevorrow’s Mill, waterfall bower track & also meets up with the Moonlight Divide Track (via the waterfall bower track).

The track to the right: gives you access to the picnic area, Moonlight Creek Track which includes Maslin’s, Seymour’s & Bromfield’s Mills & the Moonlight Link Track.

Both these tracks link up via the Waterfall Bower Track & the Moonlight Divide/Link Track. At the information hut (near the picnic area) there are maps so I would advise grabbing one before starting, just so you know where you want to go. As I said earlier you can choose anywhere from 2km to around 10km walks. Here is a short run down of the tracks and what to expect when walking them:

Giants Circuit: This circuit is a beautiful one, I think one of my favourite tracks actually. It’s a really pleasant walk. This track is well formed and quite big, some small hills but nothing hard. True to its name there are some massive trees along this path, they are quite incredible. There are also a few information signs too, which makes for a more interactive walk, it would be a great one for kids.

Gardiner’s Mill Track: This track is not terribly hard but does have some hills and is quite rugged in some sections. There are orange arrows to help you along this track, which do help and follow onto the waterfall bower track.

Moonlight Divide Track / Moonlight Link Track: These tracks are big, almost as if they are vehicle management tracks and they are both steep, very steep, whichever way you do them. You don’t get much rest in between hills as it just keeps going up. The moonlight divide track links onto the moonlight link track which allows you access to the Moonlight Creek Track. Travelling up the Moonlight Divide Track you will also come across the turn off for the Waterfall Bower Track. At the intersection of the Moonlight Link Track there is a track that takes you out of the park (you will see this on the map).

Waterfall Bower Track: It took us about an hour to complete this track. You can access this track via Gardiners Mill track, Giants Circuit (then turn off for Gardiners Mill) or the Moonlight Divide Track. This track has some steep sections, is rugged, quite overgrown & muddy (in sections). Along here you can see 2 waterfalls, one you have to turn off the track for.

1st waterfall on the track

2nd waterfall - off track

Moonlight Creek Track: It took us about an hour to complete this track. Its not as hard as other tracks & definitely doesn’t have the hills, that is until you reach the Moonlight Link Track. It is quite overgrown & muddy but the difference with this track is there are lots of things that want to hurt your legs along the way. Seemed to be lots stinging nettles & blackberry bushes close to the track. A very pretty walk with seas of ferns covering the gully your walking next to. Along the way you will come across Seymour’s Mill & at the very end Maslin’s Mill, Bromfield’s Mill is on the map but I’m yet to find a sign for this one. There is also another cool waterfall along this section, there is a sign pointing you in the right direction.

Maslin’s Mill Track: A very easy walking track, with some parts even a concrete path. A lovely little walk, one that would be a good walk for kids and even prams to go on.

**My tips for walking this park**

· The track to Trevorrows Mill is a dead end - but is a very pretty track & you will find some pieces of old machinery.

· I would advise wearing long pants & good gripping shoes.

· Watch out for – stinging nettles, blackberry bushes & leeches – take some salt with you (just in case).

· Be careful on days after rainfall, its muddy even in the middle of summer and much worse after some rain. I have slipped nearly every time here - I am also fairly clumsy.

· Maslin’s & Trevorrows Mills are the only one with information. Bromfield’s Mill doesn’t have a sign. Seymour’s & Gardiners Mill do have signs but there is not much to see.

· 2 waterfalls located on the Waterfall Bower Track & 1 waterfall located on the Moonlight Creek Track. Only 1 waterfall symbol is on the map though, although I have added one more to the map above.

Trevorrows Mill

I love walking here, every time i go it seems to be different. Its a lot more rugged than a lot other walks around the area and i think that's why I enjoy it so much. Definitely a place to visit!

Hills or a Leisurely stroll - its your choice!

Amazing work done on this park

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