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Mt Erica & Mushroom Rocks, Baw Baw National Park

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 8km

Time: Around 3 hours

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: No

I have completed this walk about 3 times in the last 3 months, all in very different conditions. In the warmer months its beautifully green with plenty of ferns and in winter its transformed into a winter wonderland. It looks so very different in each but absolutely beautiful either way.

To get to Mt Erica from Moe follow the Thompson Valley Road towards the Thompson Dam, turn left onto Mt Erica Rd and the carpark is 5km’s up this road. From Morwell or Traralgon way head to Tyers head up Tyers – Walhalla Rd all the way to the end and turn right, again turn left onto Mt Erica Rd. Once you've turned onto Mt Erica Rd you will come to a T intersection at the top of the hill, turn right to get to the Mt Erica carpark. Although just be careful when leaving as Mt Erica Rd is on a sharp bend and you can’t see very well, either way.

The walk starts from the carpark, as you begin there's a big sign with lots of information about the walks and the vegetation you will see along the way. There is also a bit of information about the Australian Alps Walking Track which is the track you are walking on. To your right is the toilet and the start of the Beech Gully Nature Walk, which I have to do another day.

The walk to mushroom rocks is a beautiful one and is fantastic if you’re looking for a small walk to complete. It’s not terribly hard, it gradually winds up the mountain but no real steep hills to climb. It took us around 50 minutes to make it to mushroom rocks. As you start reaching the bigger boulders you will come across a camping area on your left and not long after that you will come across a sign explaining information on the giant rocks you see before you.

After mushroom rocks the walk definitely takes a turn upwards. It’s a fairly tough climb and took us about 50 mins to get to the top. As you climb higher you really notice the change in vegetation, from lush ferns to sparse alpine snow gums. Most of the way up you will reach 2 wooden signs, it’s not the top but don’t worry as the top is literally just around the corner, only about 5 minutes away. When I first did it I thought id made the top and was very disappointed.

The great thing about this walk is it’s a very easy trail to follow. Not many turns it’s just one trail to follow, nice and simple but if you do get stuck just follow the yellow triangles. The only thing with this walk is don’t expect any views from the top as there are none but the walk is beautiful and you won’t miss the views. We recently hiked it in the snow – If you are going to do it in the snow just be aware the track may not be so well worn as there were some parts we wondered if we were going the right way. It’s a fantastic walk and I can’t wait to do it in the spring to see all the wild flowers.

Also if your feeling hungry after your big walk the Erica Hotel Motel is a perfect place for a delicious meal. We stopped in for lunch on our way home and was not disappointed.

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