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Mt Tassie Loop, Tarra Bulga National Park

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 20.4km – you can also do a 25km loop too.

Time: 6 hours 20 minutes

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: No

Start & Finish: Tarra Bulga Visitor Centre

This walk is actually part of the Grand Strzelecki Trail which joins Tarra Bulga & Morwell National Parks in 100kms of track.

You will find a sign in the middle of the Tarra Bulga visitor centre car park for Mt Tassie (8km), which will point you in the right direction. Follow the yellow markers, they are placed along the walk to help you find your way. The start of the walk will take you on a short path to the north and you will come out at a road intersection where you can turn right to go down to bulga park and straight to the suspension bridge. You want to go left up towards the road, near the road sign you will find a marker pointing you across the road, where you will find the trail again.

The next part of the walk winds slightly upwards, which I didn’t realise at the time until we came back that way. At the end of this section, which is about 1.5km from the visitor centre, you will come across an intersection. Here you can go either way, we only found this out when we came back. Left to Morwell National Park or right to Mt Tassie, we went right. You will walk up what looks a bit like a 4wd track for about 15 mins until you find your next turn off. You will come across a sign for Drysdale Road but your trail is straight ahead but you will see the markers.

The next section winds up and down for another 15mins until you come across the road again. You can clearly see the markers across the road where the next part of the journey begins. This part is a very cool part of the walk, it’s the Duff Sawmill heritage Trail (South Entrance). This is a 3.8km track that is gently undulating. It’s a very pretty walk through the lush cool temperate rainforest, it also has loads of information boards placed all throughout, it’s very well done. If its wet just be careful as i did slip over and also just check yourself for leeches. You will come out at the North Entrance.

You come out on a dirt road which you need to walk up for about 10 mins until you find another sign to turn off to the right, just be on the lookout for cars. There are also a couple huge historic tree stumps along this road. Once you turn off you walk up another 4wd track towards the towers on top of the hill, the second one is the one you’re walking to which is Mt Tassie. It took us about 30 mins to get to the top. Once you make it to the top you have some wonderful views all across Gippsland, it was a little cloudy on the day we did it so we didn’t get many good photos.

Your trail now leads you down the hill. You walk for about 10 mins and you will come across another road which you need to cross, you will walk south down the road for around 100m before you will see the yellow marker again across the stack site (where they store gravel on the side of the road). When you start on this part the sign will say Morwell NP but you are going in the right direction, further along you will find a sign for Tarra Bulga. You follow this track down and will then turn left onto a dirt road. This part of the walk felt like it took forever, its pretty much downhill the whole way (trust me what goes down must go up). There are a couple of little waterfalls along this section of the track, west face falls & forget me not falls. The forget me not falls have a little picnic table and chairs at it which is very cute and a nice little spot to stop and rest. After about 1 hour and a half, you will reach a couple of signs and you can choose to go either way. You can keep on going straight to Balook which is 6km (and will take you back on the track you came from) or you can turn right which says Tarra Bulga 11km. We chose the 6km as we were quite knackered by this point.

This next part starts out as a slight climb which seems alright at the time. After about 20 mins you will turn off left and this is where it starts to get real steep. This part was hard, the hill was brutal it felt like it kept going and going and going. Somewhere past half way up there was a nicely placed picnic table for us to have a quick rest. It took us about 45 mins of uphill climbing, thankfully there was an end. Once you get to the top you reach a sign that you have seen before, this intersection is where we turned right to go up to Mt Tassie in the first place. Now you turn right and head home on the tracks you have already walked. Good news though its mostly downhill on the way back which was a very nice rest for our tired legs.

Either way you chose to go your going to get steep sections. It was a great walk and we will definitely do it again and maybe even do the whole 25kms. I do however prefer smaller walking tracks rather than walking on roads and 4wd tracks but it was still a very cool walk to do.

Fair to say we were buggered and dirty at the end

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