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Darby Saddle to Tongue Point, Wilson's Prom

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 12.5km

Time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: No (there is a toilet at Darby River car park, before you reach Darby Saddle)

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: No

This is a walk I’ve wanted to tick off my list for a very long time. I’m so glad I finally got to it, it’s an awesome walk. Challenging but a very rewarding walk, with so much to see along the way.

You start this walk from Darby Saddle, which is about a 25min drive after entering the Prom. Just before you reach Darby Saddle you will see a sign and can park up on the left. There’s not really a car park for this walk, more so just a place to pull off the road. Your walk starts across the road.

The walk starts out in lush green forest with the track gently undulating. As you wind your way through you get some sneak peaks of the beautiful views to come. About 35 mins into the walk you come across a turn off to Sparkes lookout which is a quick 5-minute walk up to the lookout. This lookout gives you amazing views out across the ocean and towards tongue point, where your walk is taking you. Sparkes Lookout would be a great little walk if you didn’t want to walk a long way.

As you continue on the main trail after Sparkes Lookout you'll notice the vegetation changing from the lush forest to ironwood trees and coastal scrub. From here the track goes downhill for a bit and then quite steep uphill before reaching Lookout Rocks. It takes about a 50-minute walk to get to Lookout Rocks. Again, you get more fantastic views over the ocean its just a little closer this time.

Just as you leave lookout rocks make sure you look out over the valley you get some pretty special views over that side too.

After lookout rocks the track goes downwards fairly steep. Part of the way down you will reach a boardwalk which makes the downhill climb a little easier as it grips to your shoes real well. From this point you start getting lots of views of the coastline and the beautiful waters. As you reach the bottom of the hill you come across a sign pointing you in the direction of Tongue Point (left) which is only 1.5km away. If you were to go right it would take you to the Darby River car park but I would do that as a separate walk.

From this point it's about a 20 minute walk to Tongue Point. This place is really cool, huge rocks that cover the detached island and the beautiful waters that surround it.

As you turn back around you face the big hill you just came down and it’s a steep climb up. The climb took us about 30 minutes before reaching Lookout Rocks again. What a wonderful place to rest your tired feet.

After lookout rocks you have another climb but nothing like the one you just came up. Once you get back to Sparkes Lookout turnoff it’s a nice downhill stroll from here and a nice change of pace.

This walk is fantastic so much to see along the way, very enjoyable!

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