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The Narracan Way

Distance: Approx. 4km - return

Time: 1 hr 15 mins - return

Difficulty: Moderate – not well signed & the path is not always clear.

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Dog Friendly: Yes – on leads as you are walking through farmland

We found this walk when we visited Narracan Falls a few weekends ago. Honestly you wouldn’t even know it was there, it was only because we walked around the whole reserve that we found the sign for it. I did find out after posting my pictures of it that it is taken care by the local landowners whose properties it runs through, which I found very interesting.

Getting there: I would google map the directions here as there are a few different ways you can go, depending on where you’re coming from and which location you choose to start from.

I will try and give enough information to help you through this walk, it is a tricky one as it is not very well signed and in some parts the track is not very clear. I will talk you through it as you're leaving from the Falls so you get a bit of an idea of what you should be seeing and what to look out for.

**Tips for this walk**

· Be on the lookout for orange arrows & pink ties (sometimes the arrows aren’t necessarily correct)

· You will be walking through people’s properties so you may feel a little awkward at times and as always leave it how you find it, please don't leave a trace.

· Follow the creek along - as long as you are always near the creek you won’t get lost.

· You will come across a few small bridges, which do look quite old. Cross them with caution and make sure only 1 person at a time. We didn’t really feel unsafe on any, but I guess you just never know.

So, you can start this walk from 2 locations:

1. Narracan Falls – The walk starts right down the end of the reserve. Once you head down the hill you will see a bridge, head over that and you will find the fence with a sign on it and steps to help you climb over.

2. Narracan Township – from here I would suggest to park at the town hall and start your walk from there.

Once you've walked to the back of the reserve and found the fence - climb up and over the fence to get your walk started, you will see an orange arrow pointing you up the hill. Once you’ve made it up the hill make your way out and away from the trees and you will see a track through the farm land. At this point you will feel a little lost as there are no arrows, that I could see.

Keep on walking a bit further and you will come across a fence with a gate. Make your way through the gate but always remember to close it, as you are walking through people’s property. You will see a few different paths in this area but there’s no wrong path. You can either go down towards the trees, as there is a quite definite path there or you can choose to walk around the trees in the paddock. Around this point you will also come across another couple of arrows which made me feel better.

As you start walking down the hill you will see a picnic table in the middle of the paddock, and you will also notice some parts of what looks to be an old railway bridge near the creek. It seems a little random but it’s also very cute right next to the river. Your path continues on alongside the river and you will come across another orange arrow.

Along this section the track seems to be a little bit clearer and you don’t feel like you’re in someone’s backyard either. Its a lovely part of the track as you walk right next to the river. You also start seeing a lot more arrows, but you do have to really look out for them as some are hard to find.

You come across another picnic table and more remains of the old railway bridge. It’s really cool and if you look the picnic tables a little closer, they both have names on them. I really like these little bits of history.

Not long after you leave the picnic table you will come to an intersection where the path to the right looks better but you want to go towards the left. I went to the right and come out with scratches from blackberries. So in some cases it will be trial and error.

You definitely start seeing more signs in this section and some pink ties on some trees, which are also very helpful, you seem to be able to follow both.

You will come across an orange arrow pointing left but a piece of pink tie to your right. You want to head in the direction of the pink tie in this instance.

From there you will head up a bit of a hill and make it to a fence that you walk beside for a little. You then come across another couple of fence crossings that you need to climb over.

The track then takes you to the coolest little bridge with a gate on it. It was one of the best surprise’s I've had on a walk. As you can see in this photo an orange arrow on the other side of the bridge, so you know your on the right path.

After you cross the bridge you have a bit of a path and some arrows, but you also walk near some abandoned cars and in what kind of looks like a driveway. You climb over 2 more fences and you will finally find a staircase to the road – you’ve made it!!!

Hope this helps a little, I’ve tried to give as much information and guide you the best I can. Honestly you may just have to do some trial and error along the way, which is what we had to do for some of it. We did always seem to locate a track, you just have to look a little harder to spot it. It was a great walk with some beautiful views of the river along the way and some cool parts of history in there too. We really enjoyed a bit of a challenge and a different kind of walk and it was great find trying to find the arrows and track. You also have the beautiful Narracan Falls to enjoy - whether you walk from them or towards them.

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