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Turtons Creek Falls

Turtons Creek Falls

Distance: 1.8km - return

Time: 30 minutes - return

Difficulty: Easy – track is a well-defined gravel path

Turtons Creek Little Falls (includes both waterfalls)

Distance: 3km return

Time: 1 hour - return

Difficulty: Moderate– very rugged and the path is not clear in some sections.

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

I found this waterfall in a brochure of waterfalls in the Strzelecki area. When we went to check it out, I was just expecting a small walk down to a waterfall but to my surprise I found a 3km walk to not just 1 but 2 waterfalls. I have to say I was pretty excited. The great thing about these falls is, you can either walk or drive to them, so it’s great for all to enjoy.

Getting there: We came from Mirboo end but I think you can access it from Foster as well. If you type Turtons Creek into google it should be able to direct you (you can also find it on the map page above), that’s how we found it. You want to head towards Mirboo and look for Foster-Mirboo Road, then onto Turtons Creek Road and follow that until you come across a sign for Turtons Creek Falls. The road is a gravel road but any car should be able to get there.

To find the walking track - The first sign you come across is the first campground – turn left down here, right and right again. You will find the sign for the walking track.

If your wanting to drive to the falls keep on driving and you will come across a big information sign for Turtons Creek.

To find the next waterfall keep driving down the road again and you will come across a big cleared area, this is the Little Turtons Creek Falls.

It’s an easy walk to the Turtons Creek Waterfall, it only took us 10 minutes to get there. It’s a beautiful walk, as you follow the path that is lined with ferns and you walk right next to the river. As you start getting closer to the waterfall you start seeing glimpses from the track.

Seeing it from the walking track is a great view because as you climb the small hill you get views from the top and back down the river. If you keep following the track up you will come to a small picnic area, a sign with a bit more information and the road.

Now you can turn back if you only wanted to do the small section but if you want to keep going to the next waterfall the track starts across the road. You will see a sign pointing you into what looks like the bush but there is a small indentation of a track. We went this way to get there but continued along the side of the road on the way back, the road was much easier but if walking along it just be aware of traffic.

This track is tricky it is very rugged and overgrown. There is not much of a clear track but there are times where you can see the remains of the track and other times you feel like you’re a little lost. The positive about this is you can see the road at all times and you are always next to the creek, so if you feel like turning back it wouldn’t be too hard to find your way back. It took us around 20mins to get to the Little Turton’s Creek Falls.

This waterfall is smaller but still very cool. There is a seat made by the friends of the lyrebird forest walk and a big grassy area. As I said earlier, we went back via the road as we didn’t feel like battling with the lack of a track again.

A really cool walk with beautiful scenery and a place I never knew existed. A great walk to take kids on too, as there is plenty to see but not too long for them.

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