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Waterfall – Off Okeefes Rd, Rawson

This is one of those waterfalls you have to explore a little to find. There are no paths or signs, you just have to guess. It took us ages to locate and only thanks to a shooter who helped us with directions, we found it. Once we found the right road it was much easier to find and that will help you not make the same mistake we did because you will be able to find it on my MAP page. I would suggest a 4wd to get here, as it was very muddy when we turned onto Okeefes Rd.

How to get there:

- Turn onto Shanahans Lane – this is a left turn from Moe-Walhalla Road (coming from Erica way), it is directly across from Knotts Siding Road, Rawson.

- Left onto Okeefes Road

- Left down the next road but you don’t want to travel far down. We parked at the top of this road and just walked down until we could hear the waterfall. You will reach quite a few rocks, to your left and you want to enter the bush where you can hear the waterfall the most.

I have marked it roughly on the map below.

This is where you want to enter the bush

There really is no track, but I swear I could see indents of one. I have found though if you look hard enough you can always make out a track, which sometimes is not helpful. Good thing is, it’s only 40-50m walk into the bush until you find the waterfall.

The start of the track - choose your path

Walk into the bush, down the hill and you want to head left towards the waterfall. You will likely be able to hear it before you spot it not far into your walk.

Kind of looks like a very slight path

Its a very impressive waterfall that I imagine not many would know about. Just be careful when walking around when you spot the waterfall because you are quite high up and there is a very steep drop down into the gorge.

If your keen to go on a little adventure. This is a really cool waterfall to check out, something I didn’t quite expect. The photos don't do it justice.

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