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Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Hey Guys!

Thanks for visiting, Im super excited to have this up and running and cant wait to share my adventures with you all!!

I just wanted to start off with this first post to explain what my vision is for the site. I want to showcase all the walks i do, mostly around the Gippsland area. So you can come to the one site and find all the possible walks, big or small, in one place.

I'm going to categorise them in the different regions of Gippsland:

- Baw Baw

- Wellington

- Latrobe

- Bass Coast

- South Gippsland

- East Gippsland

I will also add how long the walk is:

Short: 1km - 4km

Medium: 4km - 8km

Long: 8km and above

At the beginning of every post I will add which region the walk is in, to and from where the walk is and the length of the walk. So when you want to find walks in one area you can easily search for the region your looking for and see all options.

The headings will read as follows:

eg. Baw Baw - Mt St Gwinear to Rock Shelter - Medium

Thanks for reading guys - i will get some blogs up and running very soon!!

In the meantime happy walking!!

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