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River Heritage & Wetlands Walk, Sale

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 15km

Time: 3 hours 30 mins

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate - Flat all the way.

Toilets: Yes – at the Port of Sale

Pram Friendly: Yes (flooding creek track will be a bit bumpy)

This walk I came across randomly. I wanted to do the Sale Wetlands Walk and I also wanted to go to the swing bridge. When I was talking to a local, he told me I could walk to both from the Port of Sale, so that was it, my mind was set.

This walk can be made as short or as long as you like. This blog is about the whole 15km loop. It takes you from the Port of Sale to the Sale Wetlands to the Swing Bridge, all while walking beside the river. If you want a smaller walk, please just pick out the parts you like.

So, I started this walk from the Port of Sale, where you will find an information board closest to the Raymond street entrance. I suggest taking a photo of the map, you can follow it along the way, as there are a few parts that don’t have signs. From this point you have 2 options; you can walk down along the canal or towards Lake Gyatt, I started walking along the canal.

It’s a very pleasant walk along the canal. About 20 mins of walking you then come across a sign where you can go either left to the wetlands or right to the swing bridge, I went left towards the wetlands.

The wetlands entry is pretty much straight after the sign. As you walk down towards the gate you will see a sign pointing you in the direction of the Boardwalk & Lookout. Walk a little further into the reserve and you will find some information boards again, a map and some information about the Brayakooloong Country you are walking through.

From this point you can again follow the signs to the swing bridge (right) or signs to the boardwalk (straight), I went straight. You will come across another intersection not long after, right takes you to the boardwalk and left will take you back towards Lake Gyatt. You could go back towards Lake Gyatt if you wanted to do a smaller loop.

The Boardwalk starts not long after here. Along the boardwalk there is not much to see apart from all the birds above. Just be aware that with any step you take there will be noises below you in the long grass, I have to say it startled me a little. The boardwalk only takes about 10 mins and at the end there is a few picnic tables. You now follow the signs towards Flooding Creek Track. Along this part there is another boardwalk that’s straight and gives you a bit more of a look out onto the wetlands. At this point the sounds of the wetland come alive you can hear lots of frogs and insects.

You will then come across sign that says, ‘Flooding creek Track – Latrobe River – 7.2km return’. You walk along what looks like a 4wd track, keep following it for around 45 mins, I did think I was going the wrong way as it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere with no signs to reassure you. You do get some nice views of the wetlands and the river on the other side of the track. When you come to the end of the track, you come out at a dirt road and there are again no signs to tell you where to go. Turn right down the dirt road, you do have to walk on the road as I couldn’t see a walking track, I was feeling very lost but luckily I finally came across the swing bridge.

The bridge is awesome definitely worth a stop whether driving, walking or riding.

Here there are a few information boards and a sign to point you in the right direction back towards the Port of Sale and you will see the walking track beside the road.

You will come across a big bridge, which is the main road, the track follows alongside the main road for a little while. This part of the walk is a lot better signed.

Not long after starting on this trail you will come across another sign for the Port of Sale pointing you straight and another boardwalk to your right. I took the boardwalk hoping it would link back onto the track and it sure does. The boardwalks are nice but unfortunately there isn’t much to see at the moment as it’s very dry. At the end of the boardwalk I came across a little rat which was adorable and honestly made my whole walk.

As you keep going you wind your way along the river which makes for some very pretty views. Along this part you have lots of big trees along the track and quite a lot of history along the way too. You come across a little hill where you can either go around or up the hill. There is a seat on top of the hill and it’s a lovely little view over a cove of the river. Not far at all after you make it back to the information signs of the Wetlands. From here you can go back the way you came (left) or towards Lake Gyatt & Lake Guthridge (right). I did have to double back on myself a little as you have to go back towards the boardwalk but instead of turning right you turn left.

You will come out onto a road, keep walking straight. You will then come across a sign ‘Road Closed’ but you can walk across the bridge. You then come to Lacey Street, and want to turn left down a "No Through Road", down this road you will come across the entrance to Lake Gyatt. I’m Guessing you can go either way around the Lake, I went right and crossed over a bridge to make my way back around to Lake Guthridge. This part of the walk is lovely.

So, you want to walk partly around Lake Guthridge, don’t go the long way around or you will be walking a lot longer. You will then find the turn off to the Port of Sale to the left before you get around to the picnic area of Lake Guthridge. You then walk on a path up to the road, cross 2 busy roads and you have made it back to where you started from.

It was a great walk, so much history along the way and very pretty views all the way along. I just would take someone along as some parts felt very long.

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