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White Woman’s Waterhole, Woodside

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance & Time:

Waterhole: 800m – 10 mins

Forest Walk: 1.7km – 30 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Toilets: Yes

Pram Friendly: Yes, the waterhole track

Pet Friendly: Yes

I came across this walk on the internet randomly and the name drew me in, I wanted to know the history behind it. Turns out the history behind it is a sad story of massacres and a shipwreck. This walk is to commemorate the tragedy that took place. There is a great sign in the campground to explain. It is a great camp area with plenty of space and the waterhole walk could be a lovely little walk you could even take the kids on. The waterhole track is a very well-made track, the forest track is more of a bush track but they are both very well signed.

Getting here: If you type Napier Road, Woodside in your GPS it should be able to direct you right here. We did have a detour as there were some road works and had to go the long way around but we finally found it. There is also no phone reception here so I would either screen shot the map or memorise where you need to go.

As you drive into the camp site look out for a couple of orange signs, they are straight ahead slightly to the right, they will indicate the start of the walk.

About 10 metres into the walk you will come across a sign where you can go either straight on the Forest walk or right to the waterhole. We went straight as we wanted a longer walk. As you wander through the scrubby bush you will come across a sign that takes you across a road, there is another sign on the other side to show you where you need to go.

Keep following the track you will walk amongst some giant trees and bracken fern, we did also manage to spot a wallaby. You will come across a couple of orange arrows pointing you in the right direction as well, which has 'walking track' written on it.

You will then come across another sign that will take you back across the road, again you will find another sign across the road but up to the right. Pretty much straight after crossing the road you will come across another sign, you have now looped around and reached the waterhole track again. You can go left to the waterhole or right to go back to where you started from. You can get back to the campground either way, it just takes you to opposite ends.

All the walks, forest walk & the waterhole walk, took us about 40 minutes to complete. It was a fairly easy walk with a couple of very slight hills on the Forest walk. The day we did the walk there was no water in the waterhole but I would imagine it would look pretty cool with water flowing.

Waterhole Walking Track

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