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Wirilda Walking Track

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 14 km

Time: 5 hours 30 minutes

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

The walk stretches from Moondarra Dam to Wirilda Park and you can start at either end. We started at Moondarra Dam end. It is quite hard to find the start of the walk from this end, you wouldn’t even know its there as there are no signs from the road. If you want to start from this end you need to drive over the Moondarra dam wall past the viewing area and over the bridge for the spillway, the walk starts about 100 metres after the bridge, on the right just make sure you drive carefully and look out for the walking track, which is downhill. The Wirilda Park end is much easier to find, the walk starts just above the pumping station, there's a few signs at the start.

After heading off the road down to river level, you seem to climb up again fairly quickly, before you know it you have some views over the river. Expect some steep hills in this section, this part takes an 1 hour 15 mins until you reach a road, which you turn right onto. Walk along the road for 15 mins before you need to turn right again onto another road.

Follow this for another 10 mins before you come across another sign, after this the trail gets smaller. You climb down fairly steeply and at the bottom you will come across a river crossing, although there wasn’t much water in it.

Straight after the river crossing you come across another road and a bridge. There aren’t any signs here as to which way you go, you want to go left up the hill, away from the bridge. You walk along this road for 15 mins until you find a sign to turn off. This part of the walk is very pretty and is where we saw a lyrebird and heard many others. There is another river crossing in this section but again not much water just some slippery rocks.

As you come up to another road, you will see a sign letting you know you are about half way at this point. Along this road you will see what looks like a big quarry and remnants of a building that once stood there, I’m not sure of the history behind it but it does look very cool. You will then come across what looks like a dead end, a gate that says W3 gate, your track turns left downhill. This part is very steep, so be very careful especially in wet conditions.

After climbing down the hill, you will come across another river crossing but you cross over some old pipes. Again, there was no water over the pipes but I don’t think it would take much rain for it flow over the top. Even with no water it was still very slippery so I would be careful when walking over it. From this point it was 1 hour 30 mins to get to the pumping station and that was with a long break for lunch. The next section is very pretty, you walk next to the river the whole way back, it is also a fairly skinny track.

You really get some beautiful views of the river and some small waterfalls along the way. There are a couple of bridges and some stairs to climb in this part. There are also a couple of small tracks you can take, the pipeline track & Red Box Track, we didn’t do these this time around (we will be back). Along this section you will see spiraled wire wrapped around timber, this was the old wooden pipe line that supplied water to Traralgon, cool piece of history.

The walk is amazing definitely one worth doing. It’s quite a challenging walk but it’s well worth it! Wonderful views of the Tyers river, lovely vegetation, plenty of lyrebirds. This walk is beautiful and is very well signed there are arrows the whole way along, there is little worry of getting lost. The volunteers do such an amazing job, it is immaculate. I think it deserves a lot more recognition!

Follow the red arrows!!

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