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Yerrang Falls

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Distance: 1km – return

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Hard

Toilets: No

Pram Friendly: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

This walk is unmarked, unsigned with limited to no track

I found these falls along with the Goomballa Falls and they are quite close together, so we wanted to tick them off the list at the same time.

Getting there: You want to go towards Traralgon South, no need to turn off to Traralgon South Township, keep on the main road. You want to take the turn off for Traralgon Creek Road and Koornalla. Keep on following this road until you get to Hoggs Bridge, you will then come across an intersection, you need to turn right, keeping on Traralgon Creek Road. It’s about a 10-minute drive up the road.

Again, I would suggest a 4wd as you do come across a small river crossing and I don’t know if I would try that in a normal car, you could just park here if you liked and walk the next few hundred meters you will get wet feet later anyway. The road is not as narrow and windy as the Goomballa Road and a its also better maintained.

After you cross the river, you will come across a random set of stairs, heading towards the river. At first I thought we were in the wrong place, as they kind of go nowhere. Turns out that it is the place the walk starts from. Trying to investigate on the internet (through our limited service on these back roads) it looks as though there used to be a bridge over the river but now there’s nothing to really help you across.

So you will need to get across the river, somehow. My husband got across alright without getting too wet and I just walked through it, as it was our last walk for the day and we had a change of clothes. The river isn't very deep.

You really have to look out for the track as its very overgrown and only a slight indent of a track is visible. As you walk through the ferns you will see several bridges some you can walk across and some have been ruined. You also see logs with cut outs in them, which helps with your direction. Just seeing these little things makes you feel better and a little reassurance your on the right path. On your way you will come across a smaller waterfall and just around the corner is the beautiful waterfall you came to see.

Theres are parts where you can see steps

It is stunning and a lot bigger than I expected. The only problem is there is not much room to stand and admire it, you kind of have to stand on the small track.

This was a really cool experience, finding a walk without much of a track and finding a massive waterfall in a place you wouldn’t quite expect. We also found parts of what looks like an old bridge at the start of the walk. You can also see the top of the falls from the road if you look hard enough.

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