Nangara Reserve – Short

Distance: Approx. 2km Time: I spent 30mins here Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes – there is only a couple of stairs on the Frog Track Pet Friendly: Yes This is a wonderful reserve with so many different things spread throughout. There’s no right or wrong way to go around this reserve, just wander throughout as you find all the different sculptures and art pieces. Getting there: It’s about a 5-minute drive from Jindivick. Located off Jackson’s Track, down Nangar

The Entrance Walk, Lakes Entrance

Distance: 4.8km Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes My mum and dad have told me to do this walk for a very long time. It may have taken a while but i have to say I’m glad I did. It’s a very simple walk but very enjoyable. A map of the walk: Getting there: This walk is located on The Esplanade in Lakes E

Refuge Cove & Sealers Cove, Wilson's Prom

Refuge Cove Distance: 15.9km one-way – you can also go another direction which will be 19.1km Time: 6hrs one-way Sealers Cove Distance: 9.5km one-way Time: 3hrs one-way Difficulty: Hard Toilets: Mt Oberon Car Park, Sealers Cove & Refuge Cove Water: There was water available at both Refuge & Sealers Cove, it does need to be either boiled or filtered. This walk has been on my list since I started hiking nearly 2 years ago and FINALLY I was able to tick it off my list. It certai

Kitty Miller Bay, S.S Speke Shipwreck, Phillip Island

Distance: 2km Time: 35 mins Diffculty: Easy / Moderate Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No ** Note – this walk is best done at low tide. **!/vic-san-remo This walk had to be my favourite of the days adventure on Phillip Island, it was a fun walk with the shipwreck to see at the end. Getting there: You can find it on google if you search, Kitty Miller Bay Car Park. If your coming onto the Island head towards Phillip Island and

Forrest Caves, Phillip Island

Distance: 2km Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No ** Note - its best to do this walk at low tide. **!/vic-san-remo When searching for walks to do over Phillip Island way this one definitely stood out and I was very excited to see it. I think many others thought the same as the car park was pretty busy even at 10am. Getting there: You can find it through google maps, if you search Forrest Caves

Raymond Creek Falls

Distance: 2km - return Time: 45 mins Difficulty: Easy / Moderate Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No ** This walk requires a 4wd to access it ** We found this walk a little while ago while searching on the internet. The photos looked incredible and we couldn’t wait to see it. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Getting there: Google maps can tell you how to get there but unfortunately there is little to no service along this journey. We headed to Orbost (where we g

Petersons Lookout, Tyer’s

Distance: 400m Time: 15 mins Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No This is a walk I’ve known about for years, i used to walk it every now and then. It has some spectacular views over the Tyers River Gorge, surrounding mountains and also over some of the Latrobe valley too. This lookout is named after Jim Peterson who was the senior vice president of the Latrobe Valley field naturalists club. To get here head out to Tyers and then up Tyers-Walhal

Mt Erica & Mushroom Rocks, Baw Baw National Park

Distance: 8km Time: Around 3 hours Difficulty: Hard Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No I have completed this walk about 3 times in the last 3 months, all in very different conditions. In the warmer months its beautifully green with plenty of ferns and in winter its transformed into a winter wonderland. It looks so very different in each but absolutely beautiful either way. To get to Mt Erica from Moe follow the Thompson Valley Road towards the Thompson Dam, turn

Cape Woolamai Walk

Distance: 8.5km Time: 2 hr 30 mins Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No Start & Finish: Cape Woolamai Life Saving Club Car Park If the weather is bad I would suggest maybe giving this walk a miss, in saying that we had horrible weather on one side of the walk and perfect weather the other, so I guess you just never know whats going to happen. You can start this walk from 2 different areas. You can start along the beach, walking away from the su

Wirilda Walking Track

Distance: 14 km Time: 5 hours 30 minutes Difficulty: Hard Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes The walk stretches from Moondarra Dam to Wirilda Park and you can start at either end. We started at Moondarra Dam end. It is quite hard to find the start of the walk from this end, you wouldn’t even know its there as there are no signs from the road. If you want to start from this end you need to drive over the Moondarra dam wall past the viewing area and over the bridge

Mt Tassie Loop, Tarra Bulga National Park

Distance: 20.4km – you can also do a 25km loop too. Time: 6 hours 20 minutes Difficulty: Hard Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Start & Finish: Tarra Bulga Visitor Centre This walk is actually part of the Grand Strzelecki Trail which joins Tarra Bulga & Morwell National Parks in 100kms of track. You will find a sign in the middle of the Tarra Bulga visitor centre car park for Mt Tassie (8km), which will point you in the right direction. Follow the yellow markers, they are placed

Nyerimilang Heritage Park

Distance: 4.8km Time: 1.5 Hours Difficulty: Easy – with a couple of hills Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes - Some of the tracks Pet Friendly: No I have been holidaying in Lakes Entrance my whole life and have never once visited this park and honestly, I didn’t even know it existed until my husband found it online. It’s only a short 18 mins drive from Lakes. This is a very different place and when we arrived I didn’t even expect it to have a walk for us to do as it looked more

Den of Nargun, Mitchell River National Park

Distance: 5 km loop Time: 1 Hour 25 minutes Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: You can walk to the Bluff Lookout Pet Friendly: No This is a walk I have never done before, so I had no idea what to expect. Happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised, it was such an amazing walk. Everything you want in a walk, some history and lots of different sights to see. As you start on the walk you descend down a slight hill on a paved pathway (Note: it doesn’t seem so sligh

Mt Bishop, Wilson's Promontory

Distance: 10.2km - total for all walks return Time: 3 hours Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Yes – drop toilets Pram Friendly: Part of the walk - Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit & Boardwalk Pet Friendly: No Overview of walks - all return: Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit: 5.2km Boardwalk: 600 metres Mt Bishop summit track: 4.4km This walk has a very special meaning for me, it was my very first hike and is what started my passion. I have done this walk 3 times and it never gets old! Honestly

Billys Creek Weir, Morwell National Park

Distance: Time: 40 mins one way Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Pram Friendly: Pet Friendly: This particular day I wanted to go out to the Prom, but it was Sunday when we had the horrible winds. So, we decided on going to the Morwell National Park instead, as it is just 20mins from Traralgon. There are 2 different parts of the Morwell National Park and they are a bit of a drive from each other. There is the Billy’s Creek area and then the other section has the Fosters Gully

Baw Baw - Poverty Point Bridge

Distance: 8km - uneven surfaces and a big 600m hill (if you choose to take that path) Time: 2.5 hrs Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: No - but there are public toilets at Walhalla Pram Friendly: No Dog Friendly: Yes This walk is beautiful and has become one of my absolute favourites. Another beautiful part of Walhalla that is a little more hidden but a great adventure if your willing to walk to it. Getting there: The walk starts at the Walhalla Goldfields Railway Thompson Statio

Mt St Gwinear to Rock Shelter

Distance: 8kms Time: 3 hours (that’s including stopping twice at the summit and taking heaps of photos) Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Yes - Drop Toilets Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No The beauty of this place is there are so many options to do lots of different walks, you can make your walk as short or long as you like. You can do just Mt St Gwinear & back which is around 6km return, and if you want a really long walk you can walk to Baw Baw village which is around 18km

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Hey Guys! Thanks for visiting, Im super excited to have this up and running and cant wait to share my adventures with you all!! I just wanted to start off with this first post to explain what my vision is for the site. I want to showcase all the walks i do, mostly around the Gippsland area. So you can come to the one site and find all the possible walks, big or small, in one place. I'm going to categorise them in the different regions of Gippsland: - Baw Baw - Wellington - L