Waterfall – Off Okeefes Rd, Rawson

This is one of those waterfalls you have to explore a little to find. There are no paths or signs, you just have to guess. It took us ages to locate and only thanks to a shooter who helped us with directions, we found it. Once we found the right road it was much easier to find and that will help you not make the same mistake we did because you will be able to find it on my MAP page. I would suggest a 4wd to get here, as it was very muddy when we turned onto Okeefes Rd. How

Narracan Falls

Time: We spent about 15 mins here Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes This is a beautiful place to visit and fairly close by. I only just visited here for the first time a couple of months ago and I have lived in Gippsland my whole life. Getting there: I would google map the directions here as there are a few different ways you can go, depending on where you’re coming from. There are a couple of paths to access views of the falls, you can access

Blue Rock Lake Circuit, Willow Grove

Distance: 3.5km - return Time: 45 minutes – Loop Difficulty: Easy - Well-formed gravel track. Some hills. Toilets: Yes – at blue rock swimming area & at the football club (along the way) Pet Friendly: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes This is a beautiful walk to do, with some stunning views along the way. A great one to do on a warm summers evening because you can incorporate a swim after your walk and fantastic for kids. Getting there: You want to park at the Blue Rock Lake picnic area

Nangara Reserve – Short

Distance: Approx. 2km Time: I spent 30mins here Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes – there is only a couple of stairs on the Frog Track Pet Friendly: Yes This is a wonderful reserve with so many different things spread throughout. There’s no right or wrong way to go around this reserve, just wander throughout as you find all the different sculptures and art pieces. Getting there: It’s about a 5-minute drive from Jindivick. Located off Jackson’s Track, down Nangar

Lyrebird Forest Walk

Warriors Walk Time: 1 hr 30 mins Difficulty: Moderate - it does involve hills Coral Fern Gully Walk Time: 1 hour Difficulty: Moderate – some small hills River Walk Time: 40 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes – along the river walk Pet Friendly: Yes I have driven past this walk many many times before but had never stopped in. I have now done it a few times and it is a beautiful walk. The volunteers have done such an incredible job, the timber work with the s

Mount Worth State Park

1. Giants Circuit Distance: 1.8km Time: 40 mins Difficulty: Easy 2. Moonlight Circuit Distance: 8.5km Time: 3hrs Difficulty: Hard - Climbing the hills of the Moonlight Divide & Link Tracks are long & steep. 3. Gardiners Mill Track Distance: 3km Time: 1 hr 15 mins Difficulty: Moderate 4. Maslins Mill Track Distance: 800 metres Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Easy 5. Waterfall Bower Circuit Distance: 7.2km Time: 2 hrs 30 mins Difficulty: Hard - some steep & muddy sections 6. The Moun

Mount Nicoll / Loader Walk - Fish Creek

Walks: Mount Nicholl Lookout: 200m – 10 minutes return Loader Walk: 2.1km – 1 Hour return Difficulty: Moderate – with uneven surface and hills. Toilets: No Pet Friendly: Yes Pram Friendly: No I came across this walk on the very helpful Visit Prom Country website, which I have inserted the link below. The Prom Country also has a fantastic app which has heaps information and on each of the walks it offers you a map of the walk, if you’re not sure where you are going its handy t

Screw Creek Nature Walk, Inverloch

Distance: 2km return Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Possible, there are a few steps along the way but would be easy enough to lift a pram up. Pet Friendly: Yes This is a beautiful small walk close to the heart of Inverloch, with beautiful views across the ocean and beach. Getting there: The actual start of this walk starts inside the Inverloch Foreshore Camping reserve, walk or drive through the boom gates of the campground and follow road. The boom

Ada Tree

Island Creek Walk Distance: 3kms Time: 40 mins Difficulty: Easy Ada tree Loop via Island Creek Walk Distance: 3.3km Time: 1hr Difficulty: Easy Ada Tree incl. New Federal Mill Loop (in the same area, will complete next time and update) Distance: Time: Difficulty: Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes - but I would stick to the vehicle management track. Pet Friendly: Yes I’ve done this walk a couple of times now but with a couple of years in between. A very simple and short walk but

The Entrance Walk, Lakes Entrance

Distance: 4.8km Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes My mum and dad have told me to do this walk for a very long time. It may have taken a while but i have to say I’m glad I did. It’s a very simple walk but very enjoyable. A map of the walk: Getting there: This walk is located on The Esplanade in Lakes E

Lawson Falls, Bunyip State Park

Distance: 4.9km Circuit Time: 1 hr 30 mins - Return Difficulty: Moderate - If you do the full circuit expect to walk up some hills. Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No I only found out about this walk a couple of weeks ago, so I did a bit of a road trip across the Baw Baw shire to a few cool places and this was one on the list. Its an awesome walk, so enjoyable and so beautiful, It really surprised me and has become one of my favourite walks. Getting there: Head

Forrest Caves, Phillip Island

Distance: 2km Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No ** Note - its best to do this walk at low tide. **!/vic-san-remo When searching for walks to do over Phillip Island way this one definitely stood out and I was very excited to see it. I think many others thought the same as the car park was pretty busy even at 10am. Getting there: You can find it through google maps, if you search Forrest Caves

Yerrang Falls

Distance: 1km – return Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Hard Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes This walk is unmarked, unsigned with limited to no track I found these falls along with the Goomballa Falls and they are quite close together, so we wanted to tick them off the list at the same time. Getting there: You want to go towards Traralgon South, no need to turn off to Traralgon South Township, keep on the main road. You want to take the turn off for Traralgon Cree

Goomballa Falls

Distance: 300 metres - return Time: 15 min - return Difficulty: Moderate - uneven surfaces, slippery rocks & no signage Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes **This walk is unmarked and unsigned.** I never knew these falls existed until I stopped in at the information gazebo near the Traralgon South Store and found some information about it. So, we decided to go exploring to find them. The drive up is very windy and narrow. I would suggest going up there in a 4wd,

Glen Nayook

Distance: 1.5 km Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: No Pet Friendly: No Pram Friendly: No This walk is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Beginning this walk you wouldn’t believe there is a magical rainforest you’re about to walk into. Getting there: You will be able to find it by searching it on the maps. If you make your way to Neerim Junction and head down Paynter Road its just a short 5 min drive and your there. Its only 27 mins from Warragul &

Darby Saddle to Tongue Point, Wilson's Prom

Distance: 12.5km Time: 3 hours 45 minutes Difficulty: Hard Toilets: No (there is a toilet at Darby River car park, before you reach Darby Saddle) Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No This is a walk I’ve wanted to tick off my list for a very long time. I’m so glad I finally got to it, it’s an awesome walk. Challenging but a very rewarding walk, with so much to see along the way. You start this walk from Darby Saddle, which is about a 25min drive after entering the Prom. Just be

River Heritage & Wetlands Walk, Sale

Distance: 15km Time: 3 hours 30 mins Difficulty: Easy/Moderate - Flat all the way. Toilets: Yes – at the Port of Sale Pram Friendly: Yes (flooding creek track will be a bit bumpy) This walk I came across randomly. I wanted to do the Sale Wetlands Walk and I also wanted to go to the swing bridge. When I was talking to a local, he told me I could walk to both from the Port of Sale, so that was it, my mind was set. This walk can be made as short or as long as you like. This blog

Cyathea Falls, Tarra Valley

Distance: 1.4km - Return Time: 30 mins - Return Difficulty: Easy - well formed paths Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No This is a beautiful walk and would be a fantastic place for a picnic lunch or a day out. There are heaps of picnic tables scattered throughout and some are situated right next to the creek. Plenty to see on such a short walk, very enjoyable! Getting there: Your walk starts at Tarra Valley which is a little further on from Tarra Bulga. If you'r

White Woman’s Waterhole, Woodside

Distance & Time: Waterhole: 800m – 10 mins Forest Walk: 1.7km – 30 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes, the waterhole track Pet Friendly: Yes I came across this walk on the internet randomly and the name drew me in, I wanted to know the history behind it. Turns out the history behind it is a sad story of massacres and a shipwreck. This walk is to commemorate the tragedy that took place. There is a great sign in the campground to explain. It is a great camp a

Mt Erica & Mushroom Rocks, Baw Baw National Park

Distance: 8km Time: Around 3 hours Difficulty: Hard Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No I have completed this walk about 3 times in the last 3 months, all in very different conditions. In the warmer months its beautifully green with plenty of ferns and in winter its transformed into a winter wonderland. It looks so very different in each but absolutely beautiful either way. To get to Mt Erica from Moe follow the Thompson Valley Road towards the Thompson Dam, turn