Little River Gorge

Distance: 800 metres Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes Pet Friendly: No Want to experience the biggest gorge in Victoria? Then look no further than the Little River Gorge, right here in East Gippsland. Getting there: Leaving from Buchan towards McKillops Bridge - head up Gelantipy Rd and then turn right onto McKillops Rd (towards McKillops Bridge) the turn off for the gorge is only 11km down Mckillops Rd – just 2km further on from Little River

Little River Falls

Distance: 800 metres - return Time: 20 mins - return Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: You could do it with a pram but only if you’re willing to carry it down a couple of steps Pet Friendly: No I had seen a few photos of these falls and couldn’t wait to take a trip to see them. They certainly didn’t disappoint. Its a small easy walk to a spectacular waterfall. Getting there: Leaving from Buchan towards McKillops Bridge - head up Gelantipy Rd and then turn right on

W Tree Falls

** This is not a walk just a place to visit. I wanted to put it on my website, so it was easier for people to find ** This waterfall is quite unexpected and not really the normal place you would think to find a waterfall. I didn’t realise until I got here but we actually visited this waterfall about 4 years ago on our way to Jindabyne. Getting There: The waterfall is located along Gelantipy Rd between Murrindal and W Tree (which is above Buchan). If you google map 'W Tree F

The Entrance Walk, Lakes Entrance

Distance: 4.8km Time: 2 hours Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes My mum and dad have told me to do this walk for a very long time. It may have taken a while but i have to say I’m glad I did. It’s a very simple walk but very enjoyable. A map of the walk: Getting there: This walk is located on The Esplanade in Lakes E

Raymond Creek Falls

Distance: 2km - return Time: 45 mins Difficulty: Easy / Moderate Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No ** This walk requires a 4wd to access it ** We found this walk a little while ago while searching on the internet. The photos looked incredible and we couldn’t wait to see it. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Getting there: Google maps can tell you how to get there but unfortunately there is little to no service along this journey. We headed to Orbost (where we g

Moon Hill Walk, Buchan Caves Reserve – Short

Distance: 1km return Time: 20 mins Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Not at the walk but toilets aren’t far away near the visitors centre. Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No This walk is situated in the Buchan Caves Reserve. It’s a wonderful place for a day out, there’s so much to do and see. You have the choice of seeing the amazing caves or doing a few walks or even just relaxing and having a picnic lunch. I’ve done this walk a couple of times now, it’s a small walk but there’s

Nyerimilang Heritage Park

Distance: 4.8km Time: 1.5 Hours Difficulty: Easy – with a couple of hills Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes - Some of the tracks Pet Friendly: No I have been holidaying in Lakes Entrance my whole life and have never once visited this park and honestly, I didn’t even know it existed until my husband found it online. It’s only a short 18 mins drive from Lakes. This is a very different place and when we arrived I didn’t even expect it to have a walk for us to do as it looked more

Den of Nargun, Mitchell River National Park

Distance: 5 km loop Time: 1 Hour 25 minutes Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: You can walk to the Bluff Lookout Pet Friendly: No This is a walk I have never done before, so I had no idea what to expect. Happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised, it was such an amazing walk. Everything you want in a walk, some history and lots of different sights to see. As you start on the walk you descend down a slight hill on a paved pathway (Note: it doesn’t seem so sligh