Nangara Reserve – Short

Distance: Approx. 2km Time: I spent 30mins here Difficulty: Easy Toilets: No Pram Friendly: Yes – there is only a couple of stairs on the Frog Track Pet Friendly: Yes This is a wonderful reserve with so many different things spread throughout. There’s no right or wrong way to go around this reserve, just wander throughout as you find all the different sculptures and art pieces. Getting there: It’s about a 5-minute drive from Jindivick. Located off Jackson’s Track, down Nangar

Ada Tree

Island Creek Walk Distance: 3kms Time: 40 mins Difficulty: Easy Ada tree Loop via Island Creek Walk Distance: 3.3km Time: 1hr Difficulty: Easy Ada Tree incl. New Federal Mill Loop (in the same area, will complete next time and update) Distance: Time: Difficulty: Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: Yes - but I would stick to the vehicle management track. Pet Friendly: Yes I’ve done this walk a couple of times now but with a couple of years in between. A very simple and short walk but

Lawson Falls, Bunyip State Park

Distance: 4.9km Circuit Time: 1 hr 30 mins - Return Difficulty: Moderate - If you do the full circuit expect to walk up some hills. Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: No I only found out about this walk a couple of weeks ago, so I did a bit of a road trip across the Baw Baw shire to a few cool places and this was one on the list. Its an awesome walk, so enjoyable and so beautiful, It really surprised me and has become one of my favourite walks. Getting there: Head

Glen Nayook

Distance: 1.5 km Time: 30 mins Difficulty: Moderate Toilets: No Pet Friendly: No Pram Friendly: No This walk is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Beginning this walk you wouldn’t believe there is a magical rainforest you’re about to walk into. Getting there: You will be able to find it by searching it on the maps. If you make your way to Neerim Junction and head down Paynter Road its just a short 5 min drive and your there. Its only 27 mins from Warragul &