Little River Falls

Distance: 800 metres - return Time: 20 mins - return Difficulty: Easy Toilets: Yes Pram Friendly: You could do it with a pram but only if you’re willing to carry it down a couple of steps Pet Friendly: No I had seen a few photos of these falls and couldn’t wait to take a trip to see them. They certainly didn’t disappoint. Its a small easy walk to a spectacular waterfall. Getting there: Leaving from Buchan towards McKillops Bridge - head up Gelantipy Rd and then turn right on

W Tree Falls

** This is not a walk just a place to visit. I wanted to put it on my website, so it was easier for people to find ** This waterfall is quite unexpected and not really the normal place you would think to find a waterfall. I didn’t realise until I got here but we actually visited this waterfall about 4 years ago on our way to Jindabyne. Getting There: The waterfall is located along Gelantipy Rd between Murrindal and W Tree (which is above Buchan). If you google map 'W Tree F

Albert River Falls

Time: 1 hour & 30 minutes - this is the total amount of time we spent here trying to work out where to go. Difficulty: Moderate / Hard – tracks not well defined, some were very slippery & muddy. Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes I found these waterfalls in a brochure of Strzelecki Waterfalls, I have to say I love that I found this brochure. To say these were a surprise was an understatement, they are amazing! I can’t wait to get back and explore again. Getting t

Waterfall – Off Okeefes Rd, Rawson

This is one of those waterfalls you have to explore a little to find. There are no paths or signs, you just have to guess. It took us ages to locate and only thanks to a shooter who helped us with directions, we found it. Once we found the right road it was much easier to find and that will help you not make the same mistake we did because you will be able to find it on my MAP page. I would suggest a 4wd to get here, as it was very muddy when we turned onto Okeefes Rd. How

Morwell River Falls

Time: 35 minutes Difficulty: Moderate – some small hills, uneven & slippery surfaces Toilets: No Pram Friendly: No Pet Friendly: Yes A wonderful place for a little adventure and only about a 50-minute drive from Traralgon, Morwell & Moe, it’s a great place to explore that is close by for anyone in the Latrobe region. It is definitely worth a visit, two beautiful waterfalls and a walk along the Morwell River lined with lush ferns. Getting there: There are a couple of different